Assigning a Drum Set to a Songs folder

Hi all,

I have just downloaded ‘Cafe gig - cajon essentials’ and the World Percussion 1,1 DrumSet.

All imported OK.

Now, I am in the BeatBuddy Manager, and have opened up the ‘Cafe gig…’ songs folder. I have set the DrumSet (in the dropdown) to be ‘World Percussion 1.1’. All of the songs in the folder are using the same DrumSet. All good so far.

Now if i go to another folder which uses a different DrumSet (for example the Jazz songs folder which uses the Jazz DrumSet), on returning to the ‘Cafe gig - cajon essentials’ , the DrumSet has retained the last one used, that is, in this case, the Jazz Drumset.

I seem to be having trouble allocating a Drumset to a Song Folder. My ‘Cafe gig - cajon essentials’ will not retain the ‘World percussion…’ Drumset - BeatBuddy Manager seems to set the Drumset to the last one opened.

Can I set the ‘Cafe gig…’ Songs to use the ‘World percussion…’ DrumSet, and retain this?

Thank you

I’ve just noticed that the ‘Default Drum Set’ in each of the songs in ‘Cafe Gig’ folder has an asterisk (*) against it. If I use the dropdown for each song and set the Drumset to the correct one (non asterisk), this is retained.

I think this has solved the problem.
Thank you.

Yes any of the ones that have asterisks showing in your BB Manager for the default drum set mean that it needs a DIFFERENT drum set and its not currently imported or synced to your BB project. You have to then go and find the required kit (paid or free) in the resources area or in the store and get the .drm file and then import the drum kit into your BB manager project and then check the box on the drum sets to include it in the list of kits available for the pull-down and then pick the right kit for the specified song.
Once you pick a different default drumset (even if its not the one required by the actual sng file), the asterick will go away. If you accidentally associate the wrong drumset with a particular song, you will have to remove/delete the song from your songs list and re-import it so you know which drumkit is the actual required kit to make it sound properly. (Wish there was a way for the BBM to show the suggested required kit as programmed by the sng author, even if you override it with another one. - Hint hint.).

Also once you save and sync your project to the pedal/SD card, make sure your pedal is setup to use the Default required kit and not the kit you might accidentally override by pressing down on the drum kit button on the pedal.

On the pedal:
(Main Pedal > Default Drumset > Enabled)

Thank you.