Audio Compression Option

I mentioned this elsewhere but what about audio compression options for output?
Some people have mentioned live gigs in cafes where hearing all the drums may cause volume complaints.
Also this might assist some who have issues with fill volumes and changing kits.
Might be handy for practicing quietly at home too.

“Cafe Setting” perhaps?

On this same topic those of us who play louder could use some control AND headroom (not to denigrate the quieter musicians’ interests - to take a phrase from Bob Newhart) since we play in larger venues. BB going into the mixer (in stereo) at 100% still has gain pushed and as mentioned the output volumes of kits is variable in and of itself.

I’ve found as a work around some softer songs can use a ‘softer’ kit to some degree and the stereo volume pedal is fine for added dynamics and fade outs. However unless someone is interested in digging into the software to adjust volumes not having some level of volume control seems to defeat the pedal ideal of BB design. A song specific set once by trial-and-error as a deviation from a global volume level would be nice but don’t forget to include added headroom at the output.

Kit Changes:
The volume issues of changing a kit make it almost impractical live.
Different room and different equipment make using just BBManager settings to match kits too hit and miss to work on the day.

Time taken to tame many of the library fills is extensive.

Typical Users
Duos and solo artists mainly play small gigs where volume/neighbors/licence issues are common.
Duos and solos dont like to buy and drag extra gear. Doing more with less and smaller stages.
I have owned a volume pedal before and i really hate them. IMHO most guitarists that have used them end up dissapointed.

There might be a easy compression switch possible in the firmware. And there might not, but worth a look?

Clearly ‘different strokes’ issues here. We build and name each song and place it in a set list order. Some stock .sng get reused of course at different tempos, etc so setting a volume for them (regardless of kit used) will work. Since we use IEMs to monitor and EQ our sound going out balance issues don’t arise v/v BB and everything else complicated by room variations.

Fills flow out of the song itself as appropriate so I’m not sure where the problem is there. Granted after 2 years I come across some I like better than others. Some never get used. When it feels like it should come into play the ‘big button’ on the floor gets kicked.

Our trio was designed specifically to play smaller venues but with a broader scope than the duo I played for years. More vocal possibilities, more instrumental variety - but still the same volume/venue/pay issues exist. A trio is still made of (aging) humans so the same concern especially at the end of the night about dragging more equipment is true. Don’t know where ‘more gear’ comes in here since the volume pedal and BB are velcro’d to a pedal board. BTW the Boss volume pedal I use as I’ve stated elsewhere is not real clean and would not be good for refined guitar work. It simply adds dynamics (fade outs and drawbacks during songs).

that is a brilliant idea