Audio (wav) samples sound time-tone stretched, when played on BB after synchronizing

After creating a new drumset on BB Manager, everything seemed to be ok. Testing sounds and notes assigning on the manager. All perfect. Then I synchronized to the pedal. Synchronizing without any interruptions, problems, etc. Then tried to play the new drum set on the pedal. The sounds are there, the assignments are correct, BUT the the instruments sound like if they have been time (and tone) stretched… Anybody can help?

You might want to post a link to your drum set so that users can take a listen and look to try and point you in the right direction.

Thank you for the fast response persist! In the meantime I was able to find out the reason of the problem. My .wav samples had a sample rate of 9.600. I converted them in 44.100. Everything fine now!:slight_smile: