Autopilot Feature Logic Poll **Action Needed, Vote Now**

I agree. Can I change my vote to this?

I would always rather have a setting for behavioural choices.

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I’d like to see the functions separated from their physical operations. Now that we have MM, and other control, we should have a list of all the commands we need to control whatever we want, and the ability to assign each of those to a midi command, or to a foot command. Maybe I never use single-press “Fill” and want to do a “Next Part” on a single press? Maybe I want external button 2 to always be “Play Outro and Stop”…

In this case, provide routines for each method, pick one for a default, and let us change it if we want.

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When is the new firmware coming out? Been talking about it “coming soon” forever now.

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I hope I’m not too late, but I too would like to be able to trigger fills manually while in Autopilot. And (I don’t believe this has been covered, but I’m hoping that in BBM where we’ll indicate how many
times a given part should play before moving on, that we might be able to indicate C (or whatever) for “continuous” rather than a fixed number - because (for example) I might want to have an intro keep looping while my singer is occupied, or extend the guitar solo, or keep an outro going. A long press would move us to the next part/section. This would essentially allow us to use Autopilot and traditional BB functionality EXACTLY where we want, rather than having to choose one or the other for a given song. The best of both worlds.

Forced to choose, I vote for #2. Playback in structured “chunks”, with timing always correct, is a MUST HAVE.

However, I strongly encourage making this a user-settable choice. Actually, a 3-way choice - a) as stored with the song, b) #1 always (global override) c) #2 always (global override).

Do It Now (next measure) is an understandable nice-to-have. I would use it from time-to-time.

It’s just software. Different users will have different uses, and the same user will have different uses at different times. Good design and implementation accommodates both uses!


Yes, this!!!

Also, make sure the midi control allows you to have all these options at once if you want to set it up that way.

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The title made the ‘Autopilot’ feature so imminent, and yet it was posted in 2020.

What happened? Is this still a thing? And if so, when can we expect it?

Hey there,

We were working on this at the time and it seemed imminent, but we ran into many issues present in the 1.x.x.x firmware that made us decide against moving forward on fixing it or adding any new features to it. We are focused on BBM 2 for now, work will continue and we do plan on an Autopilot feature.

Here is our latest response on this:

Thanks for the question

Because this poll has been closed and will not be edited any further, I will now close this thread.

Thank you all for your responses.