bad headphone jack


I’ve had my BeatBuddy for a few weeks now and just realized there’s something wrong with the headphone jack: It’s very difficult to plug the headphones in all the way, and when you do you only get the left channel. If you then pull it out part way you can sometimes get the right channel, but not both.

I’m guessing it’s not difficult to open up the pedal, and I’m pretty good with a soldering iron - and hopefully I won’t be voiding the warranty by opening it.

Send me a replacement for the headphone jack - or some other fix?


Pretty sure if you open it you will void the warranty without much further recourse. If you have another headphone or male jack, see if that will work any better. If that doesn’t, you can try inserting a thin screwdriver into the jack opening but no further than the length of the male headphone plug. Gently try to straighten out the prong that connects to the tip of the male plug by pushing on it. Try the headphones again. If this still doesn’t work, contact Support

Gently used a screwdriver as suggested, and headphone jack now goes in all the way more easily, but still getting left channel only; pull out part way and get right channel only.

Probably time to contact Support. Why? I’ve heard that the components are soldered on the board and you potentially risk causing more damage. Your call . . . .

I sent an email to Support. Thanks for your help!