Ball and Chain (Social DIstortion)


Social DIstortion’s “Ball and Chain”


Charles…Sorry to keep bothering you.

I just downloaded your Ball & Chain. SO much better than the one I had created. Please tell me if this statement is true… Even though I have the “.sng” file of your B&C, I cannot dissect out the fills unless I have the individual midi and/or wav files that went into making up the .sng file.

If the above is true, that would explain why I couldn’t get your “4 count” without you having posted that file individually (??)


You are correct, there currently is no way to extract the individual MIDI parts from the SNG file. By the way, yeah this rhythm was actually a little tricky because there is a swing to it. The bass drum hits don’t fall exactly on a 16th note “tick” so I wound up turning off any quantitizing and shifting the note around “freehand” until it had the correct feel. Fisherman’s Blues had the same challenge: there is a swing feel that you can’t capture if the MIDI editor is snapping the notes to a grid.


Phenomenal. I guess you learn all the intricacies as you get to know the equipment.

You wouldn’t happen to have a rock beat (not a song, just the drum loop) something like this…
(fast forward to 45s)

I’ve had a couple of occasions that I needed it and it doesn’t exist on the stock stuff.

Thanks again Charles.


Here you go


That’s perfect (again). Thank you!
Can you post that as a midi file so I can import it into BBM and create other songs around it?




Thanks again Charles!!!


Charles, thanks for posting Ball & Chain. One question though: when you play this, what do you do about the stop time at the end of the chorus since it goes right back into the verse? While I may be missing something, it seems like the pedal can’t transition over a pause.

[SIZE=4]If I’m right that BB doesn’t do this, I think I may ultimately add a silent transition and just count it out…[/SIZE]


I use a secondary pedal for pausing the song. An alternative would have been to use a transition fill, like a cymbal crash followed by some blank measures and another note that will never get reached, so the transition will finish the moment you let up the pedal and the next verse part begins.


Aha–I forgot that I turned my pedal options to keep time when paused… Thanks.


Actually what I might do is change this and insert two more parts, a break, and then another chorus beat, because then you can press the pedal and release exactly when the crash-pause is supposed to come. I’ll have to try it out. This is one of those breaks that has to be 100% accurate and it can be a little much to sing and play and time a song event, the secondary pedal pause is 100% reliable, it’s a kill-switch


I forgot, there should have been a tambourine in the track, here’s a corrected version