Bank - Song Index list

When using the BBM, provide an option to provide an index listing of all beats (Sng) and location (Bank), and DrumKits.

The details and relationships are developed during the startup Parsing.

The overwhelming number of beats and drumkits needs a tool to provide a map to access and tryout sng files.

Associated details such as default DrumKit, Default Tempo would also be an asset

I have constructed a spreadsheet for all the Beat Songs on the Default Content v2.0

BeatBuddy August 2019 Default Content v2.0.pdf (79.8 KB)


This represents an awful lot of work and I’m sure that users may find it useful.

Certainly not a criticism but merely curiosity: Did the default drum set and tempo prove not to be as important?

They are important, I’m not as concerned with them. The work is really not that much.

I used the csv files and copied and pasted the text contents . The placement of the categories would impact the forScore and Songbook coding. I plan on arranging them to match my current project as I have the presets in both apps setup.


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