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Love the pedal, hate the software. Honestly, the software is terrible. I’ve asked this question this before but never got a satisfactory answer and the pedal has sat idle since which is not acceptable considering the money I’ve spent. So, time to get it sorted…I somehow lost the default project that came on the pedal. I no longer have a database of songs to jam with. I HAVE downloaded the stuff from Beat Buddy’s download section but with the software so unbelievably irritating I don’t know how to simply get my Beat Buddy back to how it was when it arrived at my door.

Please please please help!

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When you have downloaded content and it is working in software, you have to synchronice project…

Basically, don’t think about it as syncing to a pedal. Think about it as 1) theres a computer side with multiple projects, and 2) there’s a pedal side where i sync a single project (of many) that i want on the pedal.

Then, don’t think about syncing to a pedal, think about it as syncing a project to an sd card.

an sd card that you happen to insert into the pedal. Once I came to this Zen, everything flowed.

Once you figure out the BB manager syncing a project to a sd card, you are free

The software is getting better and better, what version of the software are you using we are now on 1.5.1
If you have messed up your SD card then download the SD card backup and either copy it to the SD card, or I think you can open it up in the manager software and then choose export project to pedal.
If not @DavidPackouz created a single project file which you can the open and then export it to the SD card.
There are now official videos on how to use the software and a detailed manual to help you master the Software.

Once you get the SD card back to good, get another SD card and make a duplicate. Keep one as a “known good” and use the other one as a “working” card. Use the working card when adding and removing beats and drum sets and all the custom material you’re working on. That way, if you stuff something up, you can simply copy your “known good” over to the working card and get back to good again quickly. After you reach a point with the working card where all your content works like you expect it to in the BB, duplicate it to your “known good” card and set it aside.

Things that help, external card reader, a handful of SD cards, the patience of a saint, and/or sedatives.

@Trevicus very sorry to hear about your frusteration with the software. This is our top priority and we’re working on making it better (we’d love to hear specific things that you would like changed, so we can make it better!).

The good news is that you don’t even need to use the software to get the SD card to where it was when you bought it. Just delete everything that’s on your current SD Card, download the SD Card Backup file, open the zip file, and put the folders that are in the zip file on the SD card. And you’re finished! The SD card is now the same as it was when you received it.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Let me know if you still have any trouble.

scudd, You’re right on the money. When I found out that Charles Spencer had the Beat Builder, I went and bought two new SD cards, made a copy of the original, put the original and the copy away never to be touched again. The other card was another copy of the original which I then used to make the changes with and start building new drum files that were to my liking. I actually went and bought a couple more that I use for updating and keeping my old stuff too. I am constantly changing my setup and adding new songs as I get them edited, so I actually have two cards that are updated all the time just in case I lose one or it gets corrupted. Just to add to what you have already said. Make Backups.
Don’t keep all your files in the same place either. Setup a Safety Backup File Somewhere and put a copy of everything from the BB Manager in there and update it as you go.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I’ve got a copy on Onedrive, Google disk, my phone and all my computers.

You still haven’t told me about the left handed Strat you’re playing right handed. Are you playing a backwards “Albert King” style or what. I had a friend that played left handed and took my right handed ES295 and played the heck out of it. They called him “Wild Bill Emerson”. He could pick Fingerstyle upside down and backwards and would “Knock my Socks Off” everytime I would walk in to where he was playing just as a joke because I also played Fingerstyle but played it like everyone else, but not him.
Very funny guy and I was glad to have him as a friend. Tell me about the guitar. It’s driving me Batty.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I did share it once here: Can i run a beat buddy thru my p.a., without my guitar going thru the pedal?
It’s a '92 left handed Fender Stratocaster made in Japan. Reversed and set up like a right hand guitar. Scalloped fret board, Graphtech saddles, Planet Waves locking tuners and EMG SA pickups.

Nice setup. I put those same kind of pickups in a Tele I custom built for my Grandson. It’s has a “Cool” look to it. Thanks for answering my curiosity.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Wow, finally, FINALLY, got this sorted lol, back to jamming, thanks for all your help guys, it was a combination of my own stupidity and the software being tricky, I had downloaded the backup content, but I was copying the files over to my sd card like a doofus because I didn’t know any better. As David said, simply “unzip” the files. When I did that the BBmanager recognised it straight away.

Back to jamming dudes! Yo :smiley: