Basic "Irish" (some call it "Celtic") Patterns

Hallo folks,
included a couple of typical “irish” basic rhythms patterns (here also called “celtic”) all along with my “Four Bodhrán Drumsets …” under “Drumsets” forum folder. I think they are useful with those only as building blocks for “songs” yet, including jigs, slip jigs, reels, hornpipes, and polkas. Did this double posting just to make sure nobody who might be interested misses it when searching this forum folder only.


Anyway to get this reposted? Or a direction and i can go find them?

Is what you’re looking for in the Dropbox linkán-drumsets-with-distinct-tippers.7151/

Thank you!!

That’s it … Thank You

Thank you Bernd, it is a great work you did, thank you.

Nice work. Thank you!

thank you doing a lot of Irish song covers :grinning: