Basic MIdi Question

I’m told that MIDI-OX is the free windows midi tool for solving midi problems.
I can see it responding to Beatbuddy, but want to see Beatbuddy respond to it.

Can any one tell me a full series of steps to produce ANY change in a Beatbuddy with it

Any sound or a display change of any kind would be nice.


Download the BB MIDI Manual from here
Tells you all you need to know about the midi commands that the BB supports to make it do stuff. Of course it does not tell you how to work with Midi OX, different issue entirely.

Thanks Big E

Every other bit of equipment I have had has at least a communication test.
Or steps to do when there is a problem.

I’m trying to at least establish where the fault is as nothing works for me.
I’ve been at it for many weeks with zero recording productivity.

How can I even establish the hardware is not faulty?
Why is there no program I can download to test?

I’ve not actually tried this but it should work (I know the CC command to set vol is correct because I’ve been messing with that myself).

There is no test program. What’s your setup? Mine was as simple as establishing connectivity, then sending commands. Getting the command format and content right was the only real challenge once I got connectivity.

Thankyou Big E for your kind and well laid out PDF
In my case it didn’t produce the expected result, a display change of volume level.
I would love to try to connect same setup to another Beatbuddy to confirm results but I don’t yet yet know any other users here in Sydney Australia :wink:

Hi Guys,

Is anyone else having a problem getting midi into Beatbuddy?
I don’t know what to do.
As far as I can tell, the problem is in one of these
[]the midi adaptor cable. ---------faulty?
]the Beatbuddy midi socket. --------dirty? faulty?
[]the Beatbuddy hardware -----------faulty? it works at midi out
]or I’m doing it wrong. ------------ me?
I sucks to not know for sure.
I’m almost tempted to buy a new midi adaptor and/or a new Beatbuddy.
But what if that didn’t solve the problem?
Are there any authorized service people?


Mine works great. You have to watch whether or not your midi software works on a 1-128 range or 0-127 range. I forget which range the BB uses but I had to convert the commands when I programmed them into either my iPhone or my GuitarWing controller.

Hi Rob can I ask what the visible or audio effect of midi software using the wrong range is.
Im still trying to get anything at all to work on midi in to my Beatbuddy months later.

No one knows it seems.

Either the BB won’t respond because it doesn’t recognize the command or it does the wrong action. Can you describe your set up - both hardware and software?

Thanks Rob,

[] Windows 10 Home Laptop
] Focusrite Scarlet 6i6
[] Reaper
] Midi-ox (free utillity)

I have Reaper receiving Midi from Beatbuddy. Thanks Big E
But cant get midi back in to Beatbuddy.

I have tried BigE’s pdf link in the post above (Thanks again Big E)
but no Midi In works to this Beatbuddy so far.

Does the midi out on the 6i6 work with other midi devices?