Basic start up information

Hello, I just received my BeatBuddy as a Christmas gift from my wife. Wondering if there is any “Beginner” information, video on what now. Such as how to associate a drum set with a song. I think it would be wonderful if you could dial up a song title, and just play it. I am hoping with the availible drum sets that happens. Another question: Is there an off button, or do you just unplug the pedal when you are done. I don’t have a lot of time to play and practice and do not want to spend my guitar time in front of a computer. Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance, Ole dad

That was very generous of your wife, I assume then you know very little about the unit?
There are quite a few official Singlar sound Beatbuddy manager videos, they are for an older version but the procedures are similar. You can just dial up a beat and play it. You can also play any song using another drum kit (some work better than others). It all depends what you want to do. The beat buddy manual explains how to use the pedal you can download it from the downloads area of the website.

It’s not a simple as just dialing up a song. Each song is organized into a series of ‘chunks’ or the drum parts of a song, specifically - intro, main loops, fill, transition, and outro. You activate each of these with the foot switch(s) depending on what foot switches you have and how you have your settings configured. The main loops will play continuously until you tell the BB to do something else (e.g. fill, transition, outro etc.). Accent hits will happen any time you hit the correct button.

You should get the additional two button foot switch if you didn’t get it already. If you don’t have it, you’re basically limited to intro (press the foot switch), looping (starts after the intro is done), transition to another loop (press/hold), fill then return to current loop (press but don’t hold), and outro/stop (press twice quickly) when you’re playing.

The short version is that you dial up a song from a folder on the BB. Press the main pedal, the intro plays, then transitions automatically to the main loop. You then use the foot switch(s) to play transitions, fills, accent hits, or end the song (play the outro, then stop). You can change tempo or drum kit before you start each song using the knobs on the front of the BB.

There’s no off button, just unplug or otherwise remove power.

That’s the simple version. To get to the full power and flexibility of the pedal means you’ll spend at least some time in front of a computer

Thank you guys. I’m getting it. LOL Very nice. I was able to find information in the forum about which drum set, BPM etc work well for certain songs. Picking a few songs I know well so I get the timing down for the “chuncks” of the songs. And yes Rob, my bride of 41 years got me the foot switch too. A very nice product.

To tune the stock songs to a specific application, you can either dial the tempo and drum kits in on-the-fly using the knobs on the front of the box or change them using the BBmanager and create your own songs and folders. Using the knobs, it takes a couple of seconds to load a new drum kit all the way. I noticed the BB will start playing while the drum kit is loading but you won’t get all the kit sounds until it loads fully.

There are some very good threads on using the BBmanager to make songs and create song lists elsewhere. The best thing to do is just try it out until you get the hang of it.

Thanks Rob. I got to play with the pedal a while last evening. I,'ll get more into the software this weekend. I downloaded the 220+ songs with the drum settings. That is a very helpful tool.