Basically mono recorded instead of stereo - what's wrong?


I got Beat Buddy and Aeros. I have min mix out (my sound card with all synths) plugged into IN on back of Aeros. From Back of Aeros I OUT I have connected Beat Buddy to IN. From Beat Buddy OUT I go back to the sound card channel 15/15.

What is strange that I see, while Beat Buddy is playing, that only 1 channel at the sound card is receiving signal on the optimal level while the second channel gets almost nothing. If I play on synths the sound is mixed with drums and also playing basically mono instead of stereo :frowning:

I set all Aeros and Song to Stereo. But when I playback on Aeros what was recorded, I see only this: Logic - mono recording

Here is a photo of my connection - any ideas? Photo of connectivity


Really quick questions, do you have the Aeros set to Playback in Stereo as well in the Device settings?
Also on the Aeros when in the Mixer or while stopped in the Loop Studio, is the Aeros showing that it is Recording Stereo (you see two meter lines when you play your synths)?


OMG My fault - really! I was so happy with a new toy that I forgot to re-route my AUX that is then passed to Aeros… So, instead routing Main L/R I was passing just mono channel 3.

Great hint was to check Aeros in recording mode if there are 2 audio signals, e.g. Stereo. I had just one :slight_smile:

Thanks for help - solved.

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Happy to help!