Bass note off - problem and cure

I updated the beat firmware awhile back, and it cured my note off problem. But, I still found that I was hearing bass notes hang open occasionally. I checked the midi tracks, and they definitely had end points. The problem is in the kits. If you double click on a kit name in BBM under “Drum Sets” to bring up the samples, you can find all of the bass samples. In quite a few kits, they are at midi 63 through 91. My Hammond kit has them at 0 through 33, Standard PBass has them at 87 through 115. The kit I had a problem with was NP Brushes Upright 63_91. Using NP Brushes Upright 63_91 as an example, if you click on a note name, i.e 65-F1 (vol -1.9db), the Instrument Details pop-up editor appears. The bottom choice, “Instrument Type” actually seems to have some function. The choices are Percussion and Non-percussion. It appears that the midi note off only gets applied by BBM to instruments that are marked as Non-percussion. I went through the NP Brushes Upright kit, and found one note, I believe it was a D, that was marked as “Persussion”. After I changed this to “Non-percussion” and saved the kit, the hanging bass note issue was fixed.