BB and Kemper profiler

Hi, Firstly I love the beatbuddy.
I am trying to use it with a kepmer profiling amp and trying to get it to change parts and add fills when I change rigs in the kemper via the kemper remote footswitch. The problem is that the kemper can only send out PC type midi messages and the beatbuddy requires the CC type messages. Is there a way to change the message type the BB reacts on, to the PC type , so I can make it start, stop, trigger fills and go to next part from the kemper.

warm regards

It will require some outboard hardware and some fairly simple programming. You’re going to need a MIDI Solutions Event Processor, and you’ll have to program it to translate PCs into CCs your Beat Buddy will understand.

I’m using one to get my Beat Buddy to drive our stage lighting rig, it’s a brilliant piece of gear.

You could also switch footpedals to something more MIDI capable.