BB and OnSong on iPad

OnSong to BB is connected via camera adapter and USB/MIDI Cable. Super simple.

I’m able to have OnSong pull up songs automatically on the BB when changing songs in OnSong. VERY COOL feature. I can increase and decrease TEMPO in increments of 2 by SCREEN TRIGGERS in OnSong. I can control VOLUME as I have set to 100%, 90% and 80% in 3 different SCREEN TRIGGERS. All this is very cool and would be useful in a live gig setting, however, I seem to get intermittent non-connectivity issues. It works for a while…then it just doesn’t. Reboots, hard power cycles sometimes fixes it, sometimes not. I check cable connections for loose connections but it does not fix. It appears random. No longer an option for live gigs if it is not reliable.

In an effort to diagnose where the issue is, I connected OnSong to my Yamaha MODX Synth via same hardware, and it works, all the time, no hiccups at all.

Is there anyone else with intermittent MIDI issues? Any potential things to look for that I may be doing wrong? I’m relatively new to MIDI but it’s pretty simple… until it doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Auto-start scrolling when starting a song on the BB used to work also but now is not. Grrrrrr.

OMGosh time for an ADULT root beer float.