BB Contact Address & Telephone Number

No where on the BB site is a physical mailing address or contact telephone number. What is this information? It needs to be added to the website.

Maybe they’re hiding.

If you need to contact them then the email address is clearly seen. and you should get a reply in 24 hours.

Also I am sure the official emails have the address on them can’t remember if there was a telephone number.

I found this:

Our mailing address is:
Singular Sound
4141 Nautilus Dr
Apt 2E
Miami Beach, FL 33140

A little more digging and I found this phone number: 305-809-6698

We’d be more than happy to provide our mailing address if someone wanted to mail us something (we give it in tech support emails if someone needs to send their BeatBuddy for repair/replacement). It should be noted that anything you want to send us, should be coordinated first via email or

The phone number is to a nameless Google voice mail… and “apartment” 2E? Wow…

Very often the team should depart to different countries to deal with issues like manufacturing, packing, etc. So most likely there was no-one to answer your phone call.

Using an e-mail is the most definite way to get in touch with support.