BB Footswitch Pause when using Looper?

If I buy the optional foot switch and use the pause feature with my Boomerang looper, will my loop stop as well as the beat, or will the loop continue playing ?

The Boomerang will continue to play until it receives a midi STOP (or you stop it the usual way with a button click).

It wouldn’t make sense to me if the BB sent a STOP when it is paused, but someone here might know otherwise.

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I believe the BB DOES (optionally) send a PAUSE command, followed by an UNPAUSE. Your Boomerang should be able to respond to that.

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Boomerang will only respond to 1. midi time, 2. START and 3. STOP.

…unless you have figured out the messages sent from the Boomerang Sidecar.

If you want to ‘pause’ the Boomerang, you have to send a STOP, which will stop all playing. When you then send a START, Boomerang will start at the next measure.

(And Boomerang only listens to midi channel 16.)

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I was sure this had come up before and had been resolved – possibly in the Main Pedal/Pause options menu. I’ll have a look at my BB tomorrow and report back if I can figure it out.

Thank you. I’d love to be able to stop both the BB and the looper with one stomp on the BB, hen resume both with a second stomp.

You can do both (it’s working with the infinity) and can be done with the Boomerang I guess
On the Beatbuddy:
Go to “Main Pedal” >Midi out> Set to “Pause and End”
Go back to main Pedal>“Mute pause” and choose
Disable = Beatbuddy in pause and loop stop
Enable = Beatbuddy in pause and loop stay playing


Terrific!!! Thank you so much! :+1::+1::+1::+1::grin::grin::grin:

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