BB & Infinity Signal Path

Yeah, I think this is a pretty standard feature both Infinity and Boomerang support - recording a loop that is a multiple of master loop length.

What is the H9 that you are referring to.

I haven’t experienced any construction problems with my Infinity myself I just think there firmware updates are a headache at least in my experience. I just want to plug my USB from my lab top to my pedal, point, click, and be done not reading all of these directions… Glad you got everything going though I’m running my BB/Infinity through a Fishman Sa-220 and a Markbass 121 mini for a sub and I am pretty pleased with my sound. Did you end find away around looping without midi sync without plugging and unplugging? Was curious?

You can set BeatBuddy Main Pedal config to MIDI THRU and it will not send MIDI messages. It’s only marginally better than unplugging. Can’t believe nobody has made a breakout midi cable yet that allows for the use of a footswitch to disconnect the sync.