BB loses intro?

Hi! My BB seems to, fairly often, stop playing any of the intros and a power reset doesn’t always fix it straight away. Anyone know why this would be? I do not have intros turned off in setup, it will change to this behavior mid-set randomly. Sometimes powering off fixes it, other times it does not. I have current firmware and the complete catalog installed. However, it also did this with the base catalog card installed.


A couple of things to try:

Download, unzip and install a fresh copy of the firmware using your computer SD slot reader.

Reset your pedal setting to default.

You could also try either a new SD card or reformatting an existing card.

Make sure the card is firmly and squarely seated in the pedal.

If these steps don’t work, please contact

Please let us know how you resolve your issue.

Thank you!!!

I did all that and it was still wonky, however, I found when I was working on the project on my PC that one of the music files was missing some data. So hopefully if I reload the complete collection onto a clean card and start from scratch it will fix the issue! I will update when I’ve had a chance to fully test it out.

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