BB Manager for Mac does not have the same tool bar as the Manual shows.

I’m trying to work my way through the Manual but almost immediately ran into a problem when I tried to load the SD Card to Manager. The manual Tool bar has File Edit Import-Export Organise Tools and my BBManager has File, Edit, Songs, Drumset, Tools, Useful links Help,
here is an Import and Export under Edit but there is not a tab to Import Project from Pedal. So far I have not been able to load up my SD card to Manager. I have managed to upload the Basic Beat that i purchased but I cannot get them to play as the play toolbar remains dormant.
I really like my beat buddy but need to move to the next stage of editing and building songs.
Cheers Hamish

@Hamish U. You have an older version of the software. You need to remove it from your computer, and replace it with the newest version we released:

Thanks for that. I have done that and now have it running. Now to take up the challenge of learning to use it!

This will help :slight_smile: :

Thanks for that: I’ve got it running: now I have to learn how to use it!