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Hi All,
I am new here but not new to the Beat Buddy. I really like the pedal but I am very frustrated with this support program the BB Manager. A few years ago I did download some content and it syncs with my pedal just fine. I probably downloaded a total of a dozen songs from the forum. Now when I go to library, I can never get any sound on my mac for any of the BB files. That is for the downloaded files not the preloaded files. When I click on the pre loaded files and try to play them I get the following message “Unable to load son (then file location) and then 165DA150/9EE9EE10.BBS or it’s accent hit”.
This has really been a source of frustration for me. I have uninstalled the BB Manager and reinstalled it with the same result. I am using a Mac book with and OS Catalina and it is all up to date. Please advise as I would like to get an Aeros to go with this but I need to figure this out first.

Beatbuddy Manager macOS Catalina Compatibility Not sure if this will help, but it seems similar to your issue.

Could you provide a link to any one of the songs you are having problems with?

There are several possible things that could cause your symptoms. If you are trying to download a song to your iPhone, it treats the song as if it were a zip-type file. If this is the case, download to your Mac instead. Another problem could be caused by an incomplete download. Try downloading again.

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Would I go to Beat Buddy drum files Jim Lampe copy -project for that?

Also I forgot to mention. I am not downloading a song from my iPhone. This is on a mac book. The other strange thing is these files used to play fine. It has been just the last two years or so. It also started to be an issue before I upgraded to Catalina. So I don’t think this is a IOS issue.

Might be better to start with the basics. If you haven’t updated your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software in several years, it might be time to do so.

I think I am up to date. The BeatBuddy Manager version is 1.64 and the firmware up date is 2.04. Am I up to date?

The BBM should be (Mac) and the f/w is 3.80

If updating the BBM software doesn’t do anything for you, I’m guessing that you might have moved your bbworkspace folder at some point. It sounds like the BBM might not be mapped to the bbworkspace folder. Use the BBM Tools - Set Workspace Location and navigate to the location of your BBM project. For example, this is the path to where my projects are located: /Volumes/Mac HD/Other users/persist/Documents/

The key location is in bold text and all before that might be different on your computer.

If you’re still having problems getting it all to work, reply and let us know. The next steps might be to start with a clean install of the BBM software.

Ok. I will do that tonight and check back in tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response. That is impressive.

I just completed the firmware update. Installed it back in my pedal and that works fine like always. Then I put the card back in my mac and checked and still have the same issue. But I am up to date anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures to show what I see when I look at the project file path. I do not see what you are telling me I should see.

Thanks for the pictures. BTW, instead of using a camera, did you know you can use your Mac operating system to take screen shots? Much easier—use the Finder Help and enter screenshot for “how to” guidance
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.33.43 AM

From what I can tell, it appears that your project is not part of a bbworkspace folder (BBW) and this is most likely causing the error message. Here’s what I’d do to recover:

  1. quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  2. search your computer for all copies of the bbworkspace folder (use Spotlight to search)
  3. if you find any BBW folders, ctrl-click each of the folders to compress them
  4. drag your project folder (BeatBuddy drumset files Jim…) out of Documents to your desktop
  5. download and unzip Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
  6. drag folder to Documents and rename BBWorkspace_default_content_backup-v2.1 to BBWorkspace
  7. insert unlocked SD card into your computer
  8. launch the BBM and File - Open Project (navigate to your SD card and press Open)
  9. PAY ATTENTION TO GETTING THIS STEP RIGHT: you’ll be prompted to save project to your computer; accept the prompt and navigate to yourusername/Documents/
  10. accept prompt for future synchronizations
  11. play one of the songs in your BBM
  12. if all’s well, you can delete the compressed folders and the project you dragged to the desktop (steps 3 & 4)

If the BBM plays songs now, you should be good; if not, please contact Support, for help.

I must say my confidence level was low for myself getting this done but with the expert guidance of persist it is fixed. Thank you very much. While I agree with others on this site that this software can be needlessly complicated the customer service is second to none. My issue was addressed within 30 minutes of my first contact and although it took nearly a day to get it fixed the replies were always timely. Confidence restores in Singular Sound. Now on to buying the Aeros. Thanks to all.

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