BB Manager playback in midi editor

(Reposting because I don’t know if anyone reds the stickies…)

The midi editor is really useful. I usually create midis in an external editor, import them into BBMan and then tweak them in there.

It would be great if the editor would play the drum sound when you enter or modify it.

Yes, the developers read the stickies. Thank you.

Yes it would. I do the same thing and when it comes to doing beats that have different types of Conga’s, (palm, open, muffled) it makes it hard to choose. Essentially you find yourself forced to guess and hopefully it comes out close. Making that possible would be a great improvement.

I’m sure they’re working on this, but it is actually a VERY complicated thing. There are stand-alone MIDI sequencers that do NOTHING BUT allow you to edit MIDI sequences. A built-in pattern editor is like a complete program within a program, then they have to design it to integrate smoothly within the “main” program. It’s obviously something needed and useful in this context, but I could imagine requiring dedicated resources (person or persons) working on nothing but the pattern editor.