BB manager shuts down

All of the sudden BB manager keeps shutting down in the middle of a project. I reinstalled it and rebooted my computer and it keeps happening. Normally after i make a change. For example, change a drum kit in a song then start the song and it just shuts down. I can reopen it and try again and it normally works for a few things then shuts down again. Any ideas. Thanks

Help us out with some more details, please.
Which version of the BBM are you using? Make sure it’s the latest.
Computer OS version?

A quick pointer: if you make a change to a drum set for a song, immediately save your project.
Make sure your project is saved within your bbworkspace. If it isn’t, you’ll need to do so.

If this still doesn’t fix the problem, you may have to delete the BBM and reinstall. Search this forum for General Disaster Recovery to get you started.

BB is fairly new so should be up to date. BB manager Version 1.65, pedal firmware 2.04. Running Windows 10 home version 1803. I did already uninstall BB manager and reinstalled it so not sure if its something to do with my memory card or what. Thanks

Thanks. Did you uninstall the bbworkspace folder as well and allow the fresh reinstall of the BBM to recreate the bbworkspace folder? Best to use your OS to uninstall the BBM and associated files.

If your SD card is not in your slot reader when the BBM crashes, that’s most likely not the cause.

If your BBM continues to crash, best to contact Support via their e-Mail or via a PM.