Hello BeatBuddies! :slight_smile:

We here at BeatBuddy central hope that you are all enjoying your BeatBuddys, and are jammin’ away day and night!

We are working on the BB Manager user guide (as well as releasing a new version of the software containing some cool updates that will hopefully be released soon), and while we are working on getting it all completed, we decided to include some dynamic tutorials in the mean time for everyone. What this means, is that we are going to post some step-by-step instructions here and hopefully we will cover all the bases. However, we are looking for your feedback! We’d love to know what we should add to this, what could be explained better, what we left out, etc. We are working on creating the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand manual possible, so your feedback is very important and appreciated.

Please also keep in mind these important points:

  1. The BB Manager doesn’t (yet) have the following features: drag ‘n’ drop, undo/redo, copy/paste
  2. The minimum system requirements of the BeatBuddy Manager (for optimum functioning) are as follows: Windows Vista (or later), Dual Core CPU, At least 1 GB of RAM, At least 1GB of free disk space

Now let’s start! :slight_smile:

First and foremost, please make sure that you have read the entire post at (created by ‘DavidPackouz’), and make sure that you have followed ALL of the instructions to the letter! This will give you all the basic info on getting your BB Manager up and running.

Also, here are some VERY good YouTube videos that show you live how to use the program that will get you off to a good start (including by one of our own users ‘Psalm40’ - Thank you!):

Basic introduction and overview to the software (by David Packouz):

Installing the software (by Psalm40):

Using the software (by Psalm40 - VERY well explained!):

Now, let’s get on to the tutorial!

[NOTE: This post will not cover every single aspect of the software just yet, and is a work in progress. It is based on several emails that have been sent to support in the past few weeks that have inquired how to achieve specific objectives. We will be adding and modifying certain parts of this tutorial based on feedback we receive and certain updates. So please check back here every so often.]

IMPORTANT: With every change or alteration you make, you need to save changes (you can press ctrl+s)! To make sure those changes show up in your BeatBuddy’s SD card, you must ‘synchronize’ the project. The synchronize action is done by ‘Import-Export’ >> ‘Synchronize Project’

Explanation of “Step 1 >> Step 2 >> Etc”

Anytime an instruction in this tutorial tells you to follow a sequence of navigational actions it will be in the following format: Step 1 >> Step 2 >> Step 3 >> Etc – in the majority of cases, the first step will refer to the menu options

So for example, when you create a new folder, the navigational action instructed is: ‘Organize’ >> ‘New Folder’ - this means

All other forms of step-by-step instructions will be a numbered list. Keep in mind that one sequence of navigational actions (i.e. Step 1 >> Step 2 >> Step 3) can be ONE step to be taken on said list.

Reorganizing/Reordering Songs

You can change the order of the songs by clicking the arrows on the most left side of each song.

Changing the Default Drumsets and Tempos

This is where you can change the default drumsets and tempos for each of your songs. Keep in mind that if you just want to see how certain tempos/drumsets sound on a specific song without making changes, please skip this part and go to the next one (titled: “Testing Different Tempos…”)!

Testing Different Tempos/Drumsets on Each Song without making changes

If you want to just hear how the specific song would sound if you were to make a change to it (without actually making that change), this is how you would do that:

Creating a New Folder

If you’d like to create your own personalized folder, so you can have a specific set of songs in it: ‘Organize’ >> ‘New Folder’ (you can also rename it by clicking on it once in the side list)

Importing Songs to a Folder

Before you import a song into a folder, you must export it first! After it is exported, you may import it into the desired folder.

These are the steps you would take:

First, you EXPORT the song

  1. Go to the folder within the software where the desired song is located. (e.g. If you want ‘Blues 2’ go to the ‘Blues’ folder)
  2. Click on the song you want to export so it is “selected”
  3. ‘Import-Export’ >> ‘Export Song’
  4. Name it as you wish (please remember the location it got saved at, which most likely will be MyDocuments/BBWorkspace/user_lib_songs)

After exporting, you need to IMPORT the song

Go back to your ‘New Folder’ now (within the software), and once inside:

  1. ‘Import-Export’ >> ‘Import Song’ (it should most likely bring you to MyDocuments/BBWorkspace/user_lib_songs where by default it should be saved)
  2. Choose the song that you have saved previously.
  3. Import it.

Adding/Deleting/Rearranging Song Parts

If you would like to add additional song parts to a song, you would just click on the ‘+’ signs on the left of the song parts.

You can also set the order of the song parts by clicking on the little arrows to the left of them -

You can also delete song parts -

What other aspects would you like to see in the tutorial (and in the upcoming user manual)? What do you wish could be explained thoroughly and as simple as possible?? Do you have any trouble with any of the above instructions? Do you get stuck? Let us know by replying to this post! :slight_smile:


Here’s my question. When I create a new folder, and add songs(styles & beats) to the folder. Why isn’t the new folder I created listed in the “song” directory menu on the BeatBuddy Pedal? I need the lists I create to show on the Pedal, not just in the BB manager software. I think there’s a way but Maybe I’m not getting it. Thanks.


Current version of BBManager doesn’t allow folders to contain other folders.


ecoll65 asked a very good question, but…I don’t believe you gave a CLEAR answer. I am having the same issue.


Sounds like you have not synchronised the project on the PC with the pedal.


i have midi files which I put through Guitar Pro 5 and saved them in a folder on my desktop. Can those files be imported into BB Manager now and then save as additional drum patterns?


Yes, sure. As long as your MIDI files contain only supported notes, they will be suitable to create new BB drum patterns.

Refer to for a list of supported notes.


I had a couple midi’s that was given to me and I put them through Guitar Pro 5 and got the tempo and other’s where I wanted it and then I saved it. When I tried to import it into Beat Buddy Manager but I couldn’t get the manager to accept them. This Beat Buddy is more complicated than I figured it would be. First of all I discover drum beats on it that’s of no use to my style of music and then I find out I need to learn how to use another software program then try to get BB manager to accept them is more than I bargained for when I purchased this thing to start with. Getting a bit discouraged now especially after fooling around with it for a couple days. I think I purchased the wrong tool for the job I needed it to do.


Are you getting any error messages? Bear in mind that any midi loops you create have to be under 500 notes or possibly events. If the midi file contained other instruments you will need to remove those and just keep channel 10 which is the drums. Then you need to check that the midi notes are supported by the BB, finally chop it up into usable loops. The Beatbuddy is not a midi file player, it’s midi files are the drum beats that you have full control over - unfortunately this task can be tricky.

That is the case for any drum machine you get what it comes with or create your own.
Espltdguitarlover did a YouTube video on every BeatBuddy “song” see example below:
not much use now but others may find them helpful.


Thanks for these tutorials @Psalm40. I’m wondering what would happen if I created a new project and then added a new folder with a set list of songs and then synchronize. Would the SD card duplicate the default folders? Just wondering.


I am not sure I quite understand the question, however a lot of this is explained in the updated BB manual.

A project is blank with no data in it, when you import project from pedal it copies the data to your PC, if you make changes and then synchronise only those changes will be made on the SD card. If you create a new project there will be no songs in it and the link between that and the SD will not have been made so you won’t be able to synchronise. What you have to do then is export project to the pedal (SD card), as there is already data on it you will be asked if you want to overwrite the data. If you click “yes” the SD card will be overwritten by the new project as you can only have one active project on the BB at a time - however your original project will be on your computer and you can export that to the pedal to get back to its original state.
Hope that makes sense.


Thanks - so If I’ve imported the SD data (songs and drumsets) into my newly created project, and then synchronize would that work? Sorry, I just started playing with the software today.

Edited to add: I can see the default folders and songs on the left side of the Manager UI and I can select and play the songs but when I tried exporting one of them into my new folder I couldn’t find the song. I tried going back through the user library folder tree and found HEX folder names with no content. Bleh, deleting my saved project and starting over from the beginning. No bueno.


Okay - I missed a key part. Import an existing song, THEN export it into the new folder. I downloaded the manual too and see all the wishlist items in there. Yeah, drag and drop and undo/redo will be great.


Howdy BB People!
I’m having similar problems. I am also a new Beat Buddy owner and browsed the forums, found some songs I liked and so downloaded to a folder I named New Songs, which I placed in the BB-Manager folder at the same level as the existing songs. I saved all the newly downloaded songs to the folder I named New Songs and I used the export and then the sync function to replicate the songs to the SD card in my HP Win 7 PC’s SD slot (the first attempt). I can see the files on SD. I then moved the SD card back to the BB and it boots fine, plays all the factory patches, but the BB doesn’t even see the New Songs folder when in operation, only when USB connected to Win 7. I’m wondering if there is a limit the number of folders (22 max?) or perhaps the nesting (folders in folders) is killing it, as Psalm40 mentions in a previous post here. Anyway, I just updated to v1.41, all went well, just as described, super easy. Plays factory patches just fine. I would like to resolve the export/import issue soon though, and get on the way to making my sets, etc.

Added info: I can play the new songs in BB Manager just fine and they appear like the factory patches in their own folder (New Songs). Now the files on the BB when viewed from the Windows Explorer appear with HEX style names, not the text names like Rock, Blues, Metronome, etc. They still appear in text on the BB Manager though. Also, I’m using the factory SD card, which has over 2G free space, so I’m not exceeding its capacity.

Thanks for any advice!


This is more or less the process that worked for me. It’s not very intuitive but it worked: Choose a song template from the left hand menu then export it (you can rename it). Then you must import it into your new folder where you can make modifications to the template. Suggest saving and synchronizing often. Synchronizing will update your SD card.


@tekrytor I’d suggest trying to use Export Project to Pedal instead of Project Sync. If you have a new folder with your songs in BBManager, they will definitely make their way to the pedal after exporting.


Thank you both for your replies and suggestions. Sorry for my late response, way to much work and not enough play time. I will try your suggestions and post my results. Thanks again!


Here’s my question.please help me.


Here is my problem,please help me.


First, try deleting a second song part.

Second simply delete your main part, and add it back again.

This should help.

Last thing to check - try renaming the folder to something english (like MIDI) so that full file path D:/??/BLUES- beat 1 straight 8.mid shown in the picture becomes D:/MIDI/BLUES- beat 1 straight 8.mid