BB Manager V1.6.6 freezes.

As of late,more recently just now, my BB manager 1.6.6 lockups (freezes). I wait patiently for it to unfreeze and sometimes it does but in other cases even after going to the washroom and back it’s still frozen,the screen that is. Also when i syncronize my project to sd card an error message comes up, i counted the message coming up 14 times. Maybe just a simple fix.

Not sure that we’re experiencing the same performance degradation but it could be. Whenever I change a drum set, or open the Midi Editor, the BBM takes a long time to process the action and appears to be frozen. This will last from 30 seconds to up to 4 minutes. I used to force-quit the BBM and start over but that did not help matters. The developers are aware of this. To get around this, I

  • save the song I’m working on at each stage e.g.,
    • when I add a section
    • change the BPM
    • add or change a drum set
    • open the Midi Editor
    It doesn’t make the freezing go away but it reduces the frequency that it happens and the amount of time the BBM spends “thinking.” Whenever I quit BBM and reopen, the freezing starts all over again.
    What error message are you getting on the synching of the SD card?

Yes all of the above

That’s a bug that needs to be fixed. We have previously fixed it in a previous version and it was gone for a while, but it’s recently been popping up again. For now, the best answer I can give is just click through it. In our upcoming version this issue should be non-existent as we are building the BBManager from the ground up.

Ok thanks for the reply i’ll keep on clicking.