BB MGR + Song button


When you press the + SONG button at the bottom of the screen the new song should jump up where you can see it, no scrolling. If you press + SONG in the middle of the screen you can see the new song. Makes you want to have a dummy song at the end instead of adding at the end.

When you press + SONG button and start a new song, the default drum set is on the none selection. It seems to play the standard set if you leave it on none. Get rid on none and let it be standard like it already is, then at least sometime you won’t have to change it.


Your suggestion about jumping to the newly added song will be available in the next software version.

As far as Default Drum Set - when it is set to None, the song will be played with whatever drumset you have active both on the pedal and in the manager, and won’t change current drumset on the pedal when selecting this song. It is actually best to still have it that way.


I don’t understand what you said about DDS. Explain further. What use in none?


Sure, let’s say song A has default drum set Metal and song B has Rock. Going from any song to song A will activate Metal drum set (it will start loading immediately). Similar, going to song B will activate Rock drum set. But if now song C has default drum set of None, nothing will get changed when selecting song C. If you go from A to C, you will play C with Metal, and if you go from B to C - it will be Rock drum set. As a plus, you won’t have to wait a second when going to song C as no drum set loading takes place.


I found it handy to select a song in the list at the position before where you want the new song to go. Then when song add is done it inserts it there.


Sounds worthless. If you you play through a bunch of none songs having started with Rock drums then that rock ballad song comes up with Brushes Drums followed by some more Nones you have to make sure you put in a song with Rock drums after the Brushes drums song. If you performed 52 times next year and made 52 sets it wouldn’t be worth it. However if we could sort the drum choice list and the top one is still selected as default then we’d have something.


Having an extra option is never worthless.
Being able to take an advantage of it in some (even very rare) cases is everything.