BB Midi output

I want to send the next part cc via midi to something else and the BB always send the cc 102 via midi
channel 1, is this the normal behaviour ? For the notes output it is ok, it’s the midi output channel I have chosen.
Thank you

Greetings from Brussels

If you have chosen channel 1 as your midi out channel for the BB, then it will send cc102 on channel 1. The BB does not have setting which would allow for some message on one channel and other messages on another different channel.

I don’t try to send midi on different channels.
If I choose Midi out channel 10 for example everything goes to channel 10 except cc102
I tried every channel and the cc102 always goes to the midi channel 1.
I checked this with Midi Monitor.

Thank you

@JoeInOttawa - Joe, have you ever seen this behavior? @Luna_Studio - Which version of the BB firmware are you using?

I’m only using CH1 for my MIDI sends, so I haven’t seen it. Sounds like a bug to me, but I also know there are issues with CC102. For example, in the latest firmware, it won’t send at all (as far as I can tell) in MIDI THRU mode. So it could be a bug.


I have the latest version and I also observed that the BB didn’t send the cc102 at all when in MIDI THRU. I think it is a bug.
Thank you for your answers.
Tomorrow I will try to downgrade and see what happens.

Sorry I wrote something wrong, it is normal that the BB doesn’t send the cc102 via MIDI THRU.
But it doesn’t send the cc102 via MIDI MERGE and that is not normal.

Hello, I downgraded to version 1.85 and 2.0.4 and all the behaviours we encountered were the same.
cc102 always transmitted on midi Channel 1 and not transmitted at all when midi output is set to MIDI THRU.
Now I’m back to version 3.6.0

Might have been me who mis-spoke: The BB SHOULD send CC102 in both MIDI MERGE and MIDI (i.e., no pass-through) modes, but it only sends CC102 in MIDI (no pass-through) mode. It’s a known and reported bug that I’m hoping they get fixed soon.

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