BB move into a playing song using arrows?

Hi there,

While playing a song on the BB, it would be nice to have the possibility to quickly move into the song from part to part using the up/down arrows (it would then change N in the Part N/TOTAL display). And when pausing, this possibility should be offered to move back of forward in the song and unpause anywhere .

It would be interesting for rehearsal purpose : when my band wants to work on a specific part of a song, we do not want to start everytime from the intro (ex: maybe we want to work on parts 5 and 6, then pause, discuss what we did, and go back to part 5 again to work more…).

Thanks for your help, and keep the good work !


Hey sorry for not responding sooner,

We saw this and your other post,

We understand the need for this behavior and we will see what we can come up with, but it will likely not be in the way you have requested here. We don’t think using the arrows in this fashion will work well with the current controls and user experience with arrow controls.

We likely will be creating a setting at some point that allows users to switch to a specific, next, or previous part from paused immediately with no transition. Maybe MIDI control too, but I cannot confirm that is the route we’ll be going.

So we like the idea, but we will probably change the mechanism. For this reason I will tag this as #considered.

I will not tag the feature request itself but the behavior is likely #med-long-term

Thank you for your request!

@BrennanSingularSound : Thanks for taking this into account, even on med term. I make an answer on the other post, that is a little bit different.

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