BB Pedal will not power

Hi there,

Hooked the pedal to my PC and the screen said it was connected via USB. Then suddenly the screen went black and that was it. No power. Unplugged it. Took it to several different outlets and it will not power any longer. Never had a single issue before this.

Put the firmware on a brand new SD Card I have. Inserted that. Nothing.


If you have a voltmeter you can test the power adaptor tip to see if there’s any power or,


If you haven’t already, be sure the connector that goes into the BB is inserted fully. It’s a bit snug going in and possibly with some luck it just isn’t far enough in to make contact. I think I saw this mentioned elsewhere on this forum.

Hi. I did check the power supply and it seems fine. I even have a guitar pedal with an identical power adaptor, as far as specs go. It powers the guitar pedal with no problems. The Beat Buddy appears dead.

I did try that. It appears this thing just died. It went like a lightbulb. I wasn’t even transferring to it yet.