BB specific external midi controller?

Nice. I use an EV-5, but it’s still only possible to alter volume rather than velocity and timbre. Lowering the volume still sounds like a drummer going flat out rather than one easing off.

Another option - I just uploaded a layout for the MIDI Designer IOS app. If you have the hardware to connect your IOS device to BB, you can use this layout for volume, start/stop, fill, accent, pause, selecting parts 1-4 or “next part”. I did not implement anything related to tempo or song selection (yet). Just the controls available/useful for interactive control during a song.

that should work fine, I’m using a Korg Nanopad with a usb host (iConnectMIDI4plus as patchbay); no computer or driver so the Nanopad is “class compliant”.

I successfully programmed tempo changes and pauses into the BB using its MIDI note out and a MIDI Solutions Event Processor. The Event Processor can remap note-on to a CC # so I just added some notes into the song part which aren’t played (no instrument in the drum set). I even got it to send CC to my vocal processor to turn harmonies on/off automatically during performance! (thanks to the suggestions from tomd1 and Guitar Stu

Are you using the Nanopad for drum hits or part changes or ? It looked like the Nanopad was not capable of sending specific CC values. I could map it to CC 113 but could not tell it to send 113-3, 113-0 when hit. Don’t really want to add a Event Processor to the chain when I can just use the MIDI Designer layout on the iphone direct to BB. The part switching is what I really need, not song selection or fills or accents. The CC command sequence they chose for part switching is basically incompatible with any knob or velocity sensitive pad controller’s default behavior.

I’m just using my Padkontrol to send program change to my keyboard, Beatbuddy and Voicelive 3, or notes and velocities to the keyboard or Beatbuddy. Nanopad can map its pads to CC # but not specific CC values (bummer), instead they transmit CC value 127 when pressed and and 0 when released. You could however have an Event Processor send specific CC values when any value is received from a pad or any note-on sent by a pad might be better and assign the same CC for different notes but a different value sent as you want for part changes.

can you make one like the irig blueboard? 4 switches start,stop, fills, transition. I bought the blueboard but cant get it to connect

I would say if you are considering a physical device then there ought to be a companion app for iOS and Android too, that has the same basic function, but extends by having more programmable buttons. The new footswitch controller should plug into the main pedal and have built-in Bluetooth LE to pass thru for the official or other apps. IMHO :slight_smile:

@nesiansoul it will be much better than the blueboard. We’re going to take it up a notch!

@Sibling Chris great minds think alike :wink:

My ideal footswitch would let me tap tempo to start the song, let me cue transitions between sections and ending, and let me control volume and/or tempo. (Actually the ultimate ideal switch would read MIDI notes coming out of my keyboard and follow my tempo, which would be more musical than a fixed tempo or a “tipsy” electronic drummer.)

@Karl R we’ve got all that planned! (Other than following your keyboard tempo – we haven’t looked into that. Cool idea!)

Great !
If you could add a wireless extension we can put on the guitar, with some switchs & faders it will be perfect
I use a Yamaha MFC-10 (great multi-switch in my opinion) AND a Guitar Wing (good idea but many product problems, mine too), and if I can change to a all-in-one Singular SOund product I can play on the feet and on the hand on the guitar (like the Wing) it could be perfect!
My BB was one on the first production (crowdfunding) and still work perfectly (but with the old button switch :frowning: latching footswitch, have I too change it ?) so I think you can make THE perfect midi footswitch, i’m sure of it.

Anyone got any sysex dumps for Behringer FCB1010 set up to control BB they want to share?

Can confirm that Karl R’s “layout for the MIDI Designer IOS app” works really well (post #22 above). It doesn’t do much that BB’s footswitches won’t do but it does let you go (via a transition) to any main song part you like rather than just the next one in line, and you can start a song (after the intro plays) with any main song part - good work Karl! The app (Midi Designer Pro 2) has a good sale on at the moment so it’s a good time to dive in ($9.99 USD rather than usual $24.99).

Further to the above post, can BB give us even more midi control options in future firmware? I’d love to be able to hit a button to select any fill I like (rather than the next one in line or random) or go straight to any main song part without a transition - in short have midi controls available to select any song part (fills, intro, outro, transition part, main part etc.) at any time with no restrictions.

Exactly what I want…

“let me control volume and/or tempo”
without having to mash it a bunch of times or with expression pedal input

automatic following tempo was a cool joke but he asks “let me control volume and/or tempo”
will we be able to control tempo or volume without having to increment/decrement a bunch of times like with an expression pedal or embedded CC in the midi file? or maybe a switch could specify specific tempo changes or larger increments. This would be so practical for music; many songs for example have a ritardando slowing the tempo at the ending.


If there was an option to bring dynamics down or up via a volume style pedal, that would be huge!

I often get to a bridge in a song and want to bring the mood / feel down, but my old mate B.B. keeps charging hard and fast! *I use a verse / chorus type setup for all songs so to not be locked into a structure.

TEMPO changes would make it way more musical for me.

My dream setup atm would be a MIDI board that has these switches avail:

6.Tempo up ( programmable increments )
7.Tempo down ( programmable increments )
Vol pedal that’s adjustable ( set a lowest point so not all the way off )
Vol style pedal to control dynamics!

All of that in a smallllllll board! FCB10 takes up half of the stages that I play on! Something like the MC6 with its display and general layout would be ideal. The display is important. Being able to label sections.

I’de be happy with exp / aux in’s for expression pedals and the ability to link as he MC6 does.

Having songs linked to OnSong sorts out my set lists / loading songs.

Yeah, that’s the dream!

I think that your prayers may have been answered.