BB Stuck in Transition

I’ve had my BB for a couple of years, or so, and it has suddenly had a brain fart. When stopped, the display keeps on switching back and forth between start screen and tempo screen, making it an absolute pain to make any selections. Furthermore, when running, it keeps on going into a transition. This is making my BB unusable.

Has anyone run into a similar issue and, if so, were you able to get it functioning properly again? I have tried cycling power, upgrading to the latest firmware, deleting my SD card and reloading all the relevant files, etc., several times, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I really enjoy using my BB and feel rather frustrated at this time. Any help would be appreciated…

Contact Support.

Thanks, I have emailed same information to BB support.

Give them a few days to answer as they’re in Florida with a storm that depending on where it makes landfall, could slow replies down a little.

Yup, will do. Thanks

BB support has already reached out and requested the unit to be shipped to them for inspection and repair, or replacement. Great service, thank you!

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