BB Workspace

Just had a computer malfunction and had to re-downlaod BB Manager. The installer says to “drag & drop” BB Manager to Applications -Folder no issue there; it also says “drag & drop” BB Workspace to icon to Doc’s. But theres on sign of a BBWorkspace icon in the BB Manger download. BTW, I’m on latest Mac OS 10:11:5.
What I am missing?

Yes, that one is on me. I’m new, and built the latest release. Forgot to add the BBWorkspace link! It’s basically just what’s on the SD card.
Unzip this and point your bbm at it:

Tools->Set Workspace Location.

the 15 second tutorial is this:
You have a workspace that contains certain info for the bb manager. inside there you have songs, drum sets, midi files, wav files, etc. Most importantly, there is one or more “projects”. A “project” is a collection of folders and songs and drum kits. This is the entity that gets synced to the sd card, and thus to the bb pedal.