BBM corrupted playback audio issues


hi all,

Playback audio quality of patterns in the BBM software was erratic…occasionally it sounded ok, but 90% of the time its corrupted…

I saw several reports of this in the main BBM thread so wished to open a thread here and add my +1

This is not likely system specific as I have a dedicated music computer of i7-3770 running win7/64 and motu ultralite audio interface… (1hr later…or so i thought)

but then…for grins i enabled the onboard audio and strangely there was no issues…

So then, going back to my main audio interface, i thought to increase the buffer size to 500 (from 128) and lo… its streaming fine…and this of course shouldnt make any difference since win doesnt use the asio driver for windows audio.

So, while i am sure that the software can be improved, mebbe this post can at least help some others get their audio going. and/or at least help point to the area of issue.

ramble over…:slight_smile:


sorry… see that this is covered elsewhere…


a mod can feel free to move, lock or delete this :slight_smile: