BBM Editing issue...

Hi everyone,
I’m going crazy over something…
I’ creating MAMBO ITALIANO, and it’s basically 3 parts: CHORUS/BRIDGE/OUTRO
I used the samba beat and the super G bass, the chorus, no problem…the bridge also good…but to make the outro, I copied the chorus, pasted it as a fill after the chorus (because it has the same lenght) and edited it…BUT when I apply the changes, not only that FILL changes, but also the chorus!
Is that how it’s supposed to be???
Please help me
Thank you!

P.S. Also, is it possible to change the name of the song parts?..from FILL to BRIDGE for example, and so on?

Could you export the song and post it here so we can take a look at it?

You can change the song parts with a little bit of work. Export each section you want to change to a MIDI file and give it the name you want and then replace each respective section with the newly named section.

I did it…I had to simply copy a different song part, and edit THAT ONE, then it doesn’t affect all the parts with the same name…but it’s a bit of a pain in the ass…don’t understand why changes can’t just apply to the selected part…

I agree and have often wanted the same capability.

Workaround: right click + export the MIDI file, save it as a different name, and then re-import it. This will prevent both MIDI tracks from simultaneously getting edited if you make changes in one of them.