BBM needs Aerodrums compatibility

The BBM with Aerodrums would be a killer combo for making your own drum grooves to put into your BB !

Not sure what you are requesting, looks like this already produces midi - if it does then “all” you need is.
[]Record it in a DAW
]Ensure all the midi notes are supported
[]Cut into loops or create a whole drum track
]Add the files to a new BeatBuddy song

To ensure compatibility with the BB we need to use the BBs sound source directly when making the grooves.

That would eliminate the hassle of first record to a DAW and then fiddling with exporting and importing to BB.

Lets say you record something in a DAW with a drum VST such as Addictive Drums.
Chances that it will sound the same when put into BB is nill.

That’s why we need to get access to the sounds in BBM via MIDI so we could record/play them just as you would with a DAW.

This would also make it possible to use other types of MIDI drums to make the drum grooves !

The sounds in the BB can already be triggered via midi, however to record that midi data you still need a DAW and then to add the produced midi file to the a BeatBuddy song you need the manager software.

Alternatively Singular Sound could release

Read my previous post one more time ! - Slowly !

What about sending the midi from Aerodrums to the BB and connecting the midi out from the BB to the DAW (with the BB set to midi-thru)?

Yes that should work - you’re just using the BB as a sound module.

I think most people don’t have the patience to mess with MIDI cables and exporting and importing MIDI files every time they want to be creative and make new drum grooves.

I much prefer if it could all be done within the BBM and recorded in BBM.

It would be such a breeze to just record and edit the MIDI notes directly in the BBM and then just transfer to your BB.

Solved it by using BB as a sound module. ( Thanks Psalm40 )

Tried to record some grooves with Cubase (using keyboard) and then exported the MIDI file to BB and it worked out great.( Sounds exactly as played on Cubase )

Made drum maps for Cubase so all kits now work and can be played by all MIDI instruments.

Now BB’s out MIDI is connected to my Boomerang Looper and BB’s MIDI in is connected to my PC.

Will be ordering Aerodrums next week !

Looking forward to hearing about your experience with Aerodrums after you’ve played with it for a while.