BBM Questions/Frustrations

Hi All -
I feel I have a decent handle on technology, Beat Buddy Manager and more. However, for the life of me, I can’t figure out these two simple things!

  1. I have a regular folder with a number of songs in it. How do I either change the folder to a .pbf to upload it or create a blank .pbf folder?
  2. How do I rename a folder? When I double click, it gives me to option to change the “item name” but I can’t click the “OK” button to rename it.

I’m sure it’s something simple…or at least it should be!

When you say a “regular folder”, I assume you mean one that is just on your HD and not in BB manager. You can’t turn a regular folder into a pbf. Those get created by BBM. When you chose file>export>folder, the result is a pbf. To change the name of a folder in BBM, click on the folder’s name in BBM and enter a new name. Then click off that folder. Then File>Save Project. That keeps the new name in the BB Workspace. To get that on your card, you need to Synchronize or Export Project to SD card.

Thanks Phil -
Yes - Folder on the Hard Drive thanks for clarifying

Folder renaming:
When I single click on the folder, it selects the folder. Once I single click again - nothing.
When I double click, it opens up a window with two lines: Item Name and Midi ID. I can type something in there but can’t click “OK” to save it. I can click “cancel” or the “X”. I’m unable to change any folder names.

Screen shot below:

Ugh! I’m hoping the problem is between the keyboard and the chair!

Alright. Haven’t seen this, but try this. Just leave it as “new folder” if you can. Then add a song to it. Either via file> import song, or just new song and drop a midi part into the first main loop. Then save project. Then can you rename it? Can you rename one of your other folders, like just trying out or set list?

No luck when adding songs, midi parts, etc. I was able to add all of the contents I wanted yet still couldn’t change the folder name.

Can’t rename any of the other folders either.

Using version 1.67 of BBM

No one ever wants to hear “Haven’t seen this” when at the doctor or getting tech support!

This is why I was hoping the issue was me!

The inability to name a folder is most likely a 1.6.7 bug.

I like to tell folks I’m helping with tech problems “Here. Hold my beer and watch what happens when I press this button.” :clown_face:

I was afraid it was 1.67 when I saw the midi tag. I dropped 1.67 after using it fit a week and went back to 1.66. But I’m on a Mac.

That’s a bummer. Any suggestions on a work around? From being in the forum for a while, I don’t see a BBM update coming soon.

Fortunately, I use on-song for most stuff so I can just point the songs to the right beats.

I’ll reach out to Singular Support too.

Otherwise, I’ll leave a sticky note on top of the dormant Midi Maestro as I wait for the IOS app for that hardware too.

I do love the Beat Buddy and think the BBM is helpful. It’s just disappointing that the simple things tends to go unfixed forever.

Thanks Phil and Persist - as always I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge.

You could use the 1.66 beta. The name change process works in that one, but it doesn’t have the midi tags. Or, if you’re on PC, the 1.65 should do the trick. That’s the official release.