I would like to ask a question.
In the BBM if I want to change the value of the notes (volume) do I have to do it one by one, or is there any way to change the entire row automatically?


If you are using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor, the answer is you have to change the velocity one note at a time.

If you are using a digital audio workstation (DAW), then it’s easier to change the entire row.

Thanks for your reply.
Do you know any DAW that is not very difficult to use?

You can try Reaper for 30 days for free after which it’s around $70. I posted a Reaper video tutorial to this forum and you can take a look at it to see if you want to use a DAW. The learning curve for any DAW is pretty steep and not everybody wants to spend the time learning to use it.