BBManager crashes MAC 10.7.5 on .sng import

This is new since I have been exporting/importing into the same folder for months. I can export the .sng but BBManager crashes on import. Renaming, new folder, restart MAC - nothing works.

Just tried again - this time on an ancient slow MacBook running 10.10.5 and it works fine. I realize older IOS are not necessarily supported or tested but I’m a little leary to ‘upgrade’ my ‘good/newer’ MacAir since it runs well and has performed flawlessly (until now) with BBManager.

and on further review reinstalling again over the old version in place didn’t help. All I’ve succeeded in doing is apparently corrupting a backup SD in the process of going between two computers. This presents a real problem since I can’t import/modify .sng files as I build out set lists. In desperation I may have to ‘upgrade’ my favorite from 10.7.5 to10.10.5 or, even worse, use the house PC.

A few days since this last post - confirming the obvious perhaps - all is well on the PC and now recently updated to 10.11.1 Mac. Leaps of faith are required when doing upgrades but when in a bind close your eyes and jump…

I just want to let you know that we’ve taken notice to this post, and we will look into this. If you happen to have the crash logs, please send them to , so we can forward them on to our development team. In the mean time, do you have another computer you can use? (if it’s Windows, it needs to be Vista or later).

Thanks you guys are great. My upgrade to 10.11.1 (El Capitan) is fine and the ‘home PC’ is Windows sufficient. Unfortunately I did not keep the logs after a quick look -more interested in solving my problem when it cropped up unexpectedly after working fine for months. So rather than you folks worrying too much about regression testing too far back on too many platforms I give you credit for doing the job well.

BTW - in the sheepish admission department - this did cause me to look a little more closely at the Mac Air I’ve been using for years. Granted I don’t use SD cards but when the USB 3.0 slot (next to the Thunderbolt port) was balky I tried the USB slot on the other side with my cheap Targus adapter which worked fine and suddenly see the SDXC slot built into the device next to the Thunderbolt port…which also works great all by itself. Hmmmmm.

On your Mac computer, replace your current BBManager with this version:

It is actually our upcoming version that we are currently beta-testing. Since our current version is not working on your Mac computer, might as well give this one a try. The reason I am linking it to you is because our beta testers ran the exact process you described in your original post on Mac OS X 10.7.5, just like you did - and they had no problems whatsoever.

Please let me know if you experience any issues at all with this version. Thank you!