BBManager Drum Kit Editing (where are the factory .wav files extracted to?)

Okay, I’ve searched this forum and online and have found some information about drum kit .wav samples but I need some additional clarification. When using the BBManager to edit a factory drum kit, BBM extracts the .wav files contained in the kit.

My question is…what is the exact location that the extracted .wav files get extracted to on a Mac or PC?

Like others, I’d like to use the original factory drum kit .wav files for creating new kits. I did find one forum post that indicated that when the BB / Manager was initially released, that Singular Sound allowed users access to the .wav files…but then that was changed at a later time and now they keep the .wav files hidden.

Is this true? Do users NOT have access to the factory drum kit .wav files? But if I’m wrong and we do have access to them, could someone please tell me the exact location the .wav files are extracted to on both a MacBook and PC. Thanks for any help or insight into this issue.

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