BBManger Installation Issue

My computer had a hiccup when I installed the newest manager. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the program but I keep getting “fatal error” messages. When I try to reinstall from the beginning the menu screen doesn’t even give me any install option. Only uninstall, repair, close “See screen shots”. It went into the windows and deleted the program folders and still not able to do a fresh reinstall.

Does anyone have ideas for next steps?



It looks like you already installed the BBManager and you clicked on the installation file again. Locate the BBManager icon on your desktop, it should be there.

Also, please check out the tutorial, it will show you how to get started with everything :slight_smile: :

Yes the icon is on my desktop. When I click on it it says in is configuring for a little while then an error code shows up saying it is looking for this file.


I installed the program while I was at work. Perhaps the file is saved on my network server. I will try that on Monday. I was hoping there was another file I could download for maybe the older version.

Thanks team for replying to my email. I figured out the issue.