BBmgr Crashes during "Import"...

I have been working with BBmgr for about a month now, creating songs and setlists with no problem. I currently have 4 setlists for 4 different music projects, all have been set up with no problems.

Yesterday, I started building a new setlist for a gig this weekend by importing song files from a “Master Songs” folder that I have been exporting finished song to. For the first time i experienced the BBmgr crashing each time I went to inport a new song to the set list. After I rebooted, I could than import one song and if i tried to import the next song it would crash again. I could only import one song each crash/restart sequence. I even tried saving the Project after each song import and it made no difference. It took a long time, but I finally go the whole setlist loaded.

Today, I attempted to import the pbf. file for Groove Monkee Big Easy and Rock 3 Contemp, which I had purchased. Crashes every single time I tried importing individual sng. files - CRASH.

Seems to be a new problem - In the past few weeks, I have imported the Groove Monkee Country pbf. with no problems and I have built setlists with no problems. Could my SD Card be corrupted?

Any ideas?

Is it happening only with GrooveMonkee beats? If so, then the problem lies there. Or does it happen with other songs as well? Check also that there aren’t any non-alphanumeric characters (i.e. periods, commas, apostrophes, dashes, etc) in any of the titles of songs/folders.

Could it be that you’ve reached the folder limit of 90 songs?

Yes, it is only happening with Groove Monkee Beats, however I have been using almost exclusively GM for a month now with no problems. So, why now, all of a sudden? There are no alpha numeric’s.

@persist - thanks for that tip! Was not aware of the 90 song folder limit. I will check that out.

@persist wrote a very good point. Yes, make sure as well that the limit hasn’t been reached.

I do not know why it would happen all of a sudden, and only with their beats. I suggest that you try to run the same process with previously purchased GM beats that definitely worked fine before all this started happening, and see if the same issue repeat itself. Does it happen with the old ones as well, or is it only with these specific GM beats that you just got? If it only happens with specific GM beats, then there is probably an issue with the beats themselves.

However, if it happens with the beats that used to work as well, then there may be an issue we need to look into. Keep us updated.

OK, I just figured out that if I shut down BBmgr and then reopen it, it will import a new Folder/pbf. file.

It is NOT Groove Monkey related!

I did a shutdown/restart and imported with no problem the Groove Monkee Big Easy pbf. file. Tried to download the GM Rock Contemporaty pbf. and BBmgr crashed. I restarted BBmgr and tried again to import GM Rock Contemporary pbf., which imported swiftly with NO PROBLEMS.

Immediately attempted to import the Beat Buddy Gig Basics pbf. and BBmgr crashed. Restarted it up, tried Gig Basics again and it imported with no problems.

My takeaway is if i encounter some kind of glitch in BBmgr, just close down the program and restart it.

I gotta say, even though working through stuff, this Beat Buddy Product is amazing. We played a gig on Saturday and I used it in a Church Worship service this Morning and people who LOVE THE SOUND AND ENERGY BB BRINGS!

Okay, if it is that simple and fast - then no need to break your head over what the cause is, since you found a practical solution. If you happen to identify what caused this problem to happen, send me an email at - so I and the rest of the beta testers can try to replicate your steps to see if this issue happens on the newer version of the BBManager we are working on.