Beadbuddy MIDI & RME MIDI


I’m a novice with midi, so please bear with me.

I am trying to connect my DAW and RME UCX to a Beatbuddy pedal through midi. My aim is to programme midi drum beats in Logic X and play these patterns through the drum samples on the Beatbuddy pedal. Listening to the playback through the headphone out on the Beatbuddy pedal.

So from my DAW the UCX is connected by firewire. From the UCX I am hoping to go from midi to the midi port in the Beatbuddy.

Unfortunately I cannot find a midi cable that is able to do this. The RME midi breakout cable appears to be four female connectors.

The midi cable that I bought with the Beatbuddy has a small male connector to the pedal and two female (in and out) for master and slave options.

If anyone could give me some recommendations on alternative options I would be really grateful.

Thank you


Hi, Rodney. Something like this would work:

A cable might be less expensive but I hate ending up with cables spread out everywhere:

With Logic Pro X, just make sure you reset it by double-clicking on the Transport window so that it will properly handle midi note-offs.

UCX really looks like a great device.

Hi Persist,

Thank you for the guidance.

I bought a usb to midi cable which I connected to the Beatbuddy via the midi breakout cable. Usb midi out to BB midi in.

I looked through the midi manual and went through the BB settings.

I haven’t achieved what I want to do yet. Appears to be more complex than I thought.

My Aim

I am hoping to play midi in Logic Pro X, send the midi data to the BB pedal and have the drum samples on the pedal play the midi data from the DAW.

If there are any guides to do this it would be very welcome.

So far, I can trigger playback from my computer keyboard and this starts the Beatbuddy, but it is not playing the midi from the DAW. It is just triggering a BB preset.

Any guidance would be welcome.

Kind Regards


Hi, Rodney. One of our user has successfully done this using Reaper instead of LPX:

Let us know once you get it working.