Beat Buddy + Ditto X2 Looper - How to get them to synch together?

Looking for some advice here…

I use the BB on some songs and want the X2 to stay in time with the beat. Any tips on how best to do this? Should I use the external mic plugged into the pedal and place it close to my powered speaker?
Can I run a cord from the headphone out of the BB to the external mic input on the X2?
What settings on the Ditto should I use?

Maybe some of these threads will help

Ditto x2 don’t have midi sync§
The best way is record the beat of the BB into the loop first and overdub
In this case you can not use the BB fills and transition!

I use the headphone out on the BB to the mic in on the Ditto X2 Jam. but it will not stay sync below 90BPM