Beat Buddy fills timing issue

Hi all – going crazy here and hoping for some help.

I am trying to edit some of the built-in fills in the BBM, specifically “Basic 4_4 Fill 12 half bar 8ths”.

This fill as preprogrammed (i.e. playing it straight from the BB, or in the main window of BBM) is actually just a half-bar fill – i.e. it’s silent for the first 2 beats, then snare / kick hits on beat 3, 3.5 and 4 and then a cymbal that carries over to beat one of the next drum loop (which I call the “next-bar-cymbal-hit” below).

However if I open this fill in the BBM editor to tweak it (or if I export it as a midi file and then import it again without any changes) and hit Play, BBM (and the BB pedal) interprets it as 2 beats earlier (hits on beat 1, 1.5, 2, cymbal on 3, then adds silence till the drum loop starts again).

How do I export or edit this fill while keeping BB playing it in the 2nd half of the bar - as it does originally?

Below picture is what this particular fill looks like after quantization - BBM has shifted it forward two beats - but to be clear this issue happens even if I leave the fill unquantized.

(Edit) Alternatively - how do I write my own fill with a cymbal hit that lands on beat one of the next drum loop? It’s because I can’t get that to work that, as above, I am trying to copy the preprogrammed fills that have that behavior , but for even the 4-beat preprogrammed fills that don’t have this beat-shifting issue, the minute I hit “apply” and leave the edit view - even if I have not made any changes to the fill - they lose the next-bar-cymbal-hit. I have noticed that fills where the next-bar-cymbal-hit is active have a single-pixel-wide red line at the far right of the display in BBM. I’ll happily switch to another MIDI editor if there is a tried-and-true approach to creating fills in MIDI that will include the next-bar-cymbal-hit.

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Responding with what I figured out in case others are wondering the same.
No info on handling the half-bar fills that are pre-programmed, but to create a new 1-bar fill with a next-bar-cymbal-hit, first set it to be a 2-bar fill, add the cymbal hit on beat 1 of the 2nd bar, and then change it to be a 1 bar fill. The red line appears indicating that there is information past the end of the fill, and the BB will remember that and play the hit in parallel with the main drum loop as intended.