Beat Buddy Foot Switch -right switch not detected and not working

. I have had my BB for about 5 months the all of a sudden for no apparent reason the Beat Buddy Foot Switch -right switch is not detected and not working. I have tried power cycling the pedal, and resetting all the settings in the pedal that relate to the foot switch. is this a Pedal issue of a foot switch issue? Have a gig coming up real soon, , may need to order another foot switch.

Try another cable, you could also open up the footswitch and check the soldered connections.

Does it take a specific cable? That may be the issue…

Stereo cable. TRS style.

Yes ! That was it, had another cable that looked Identical except not stero. However , now that both switches operate, I have an addtional issue with it. It is stuck in "momentary’ mode. I have tried several times to change to “latching” , but always defaults back to momentary.
Scoured the internet for solutions on this. Not sure if I have settings wrong … Or Pedal and or switch is Bad. any advise woudl be grealty appreciated.

Try the footswitch detector function.

Yes tried that several times … Recoginizes swithc a a momentary switch… No clicking noise on swithch… it’s being replaced… Ty for all your advise.

It sounds like you have a momentary footswitch, and that’s why the pedal recognizes it as ‘momentary’. We used to sell the latching footswitches on our site, but some months ago we switched over to momentary type switches. Is the footswitch our footswitch, or a different company’s footswitch?

Yes this is teh BEat Buddy foot switch, It was working in “latching mode” now it’s not. No clicking noise when depressing either switch.

Yes this is the Beat Buddy foot switch, I purchased with the pedal new. It was working in “latching mode” now it’s not. No clicking noise when depressing either switch.