Beat buddy manager question

Im not getting any sound from the beat buddy manager when i click play from the icon pedal or the play button

can any one advise


If it’s a one-press or a song with bass, try double-clicking the Virtual Machine main pedal button

Hi Thanks for the response tried that still no sound

Which version of the BBM are you using and which song are you trying to play?


Its any song no joy with any of them is there a default sound section

Is there any order that the songs should be in i have attached a jpg of the manager

What does the Virtual Machine LEDdisplay e.g., is a metronome scrolling across the screen and does it change from gray to read initially and then to green?

No, songs don’t have to appear in any special order.

Not quite sure what the issue is. If your BBM produced sound before when playing a song, I’m reluctant to suggest that you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the BeatBuddy Manager but that may be a good starting point.

Hi No the manager has never produced sound ,i will try an uninstalling and then reinstalling

Thanks again will report back

Loaded beat buddy manager onto my laptop works ok on there must be an issue with my desktop

Thanks for all your help

Thanks for circling back to let us know.