Beat Buddy Manager save project for future synchronizations

Hi all,

I’m new to Beat Buddy – when I downloaded the manager, I didn’t realize I should have said “yes” when prompted to, where it says “save project for future synchronizations”. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I haven’t begun projects yet, I suppose I could uninstall and start over, but might make it worse if it’s not a clean uninstall.
Many thanks for any help!

Jan H.

This applies for Windows users: Make some simple edits to your project and then save it. If the BBM File - Sync Project to SD card menu item is not grayed out, let it sync and you should be good to go. If it is grayed out, use the Export Project to SD card and accept the prompt for future syncs.

For Mac users, the BBM the Sync Project to SD card is buggy and you will have to use the Export process to update your project on your SD card. There are a couple of workarounds: