Hi…I don’t know if it’s just my iMac or if it’s normal that whenever I try to change the order of my setlist in the BBmanager, it takes AGES…also when I change kits and make any kind of changes…
It’s kinda frustrating…
Is this how it’s supposed to be?..
I have a great computer, and everything on it runs lighting fast.
Other than that…I love my BB

What version of the BBM and OS?

OS Mavericks 10.9.5

I had the same problem with general sluggishness on my Mac. Here’s some suggestions:
[]Make sure you’ve set the workspace location using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Save projects to your workspace–not your SD card.
]Use the BBM to manage songs, drum kits & folders. If you’ve used the Mac’s Finder to previously do so, you might want to delete the BBworkspace folder and start over.
[]Make sure you don’t have multiple workspace folders spread out on your Mac. If so, delete all of them and start over.
]Move from song to song by clicking on the song in the Project Explorer on the left side of the BBM. For some reason, it seems to work faster this way (than by trying to move about in the main window). Save any edits you make before moving to another song or folder.
[]Adapt your BBM workflow tempo by slowing down just a bit. I found that by clicking on a song and pausing 2-3 seconds before trying to do anything else allows the BBM to “catch its breath.” Do this between each task and it seems to work a little better. Save your project and pause before moving on. The slowest loading drum set for me seems to be the NP SuperBassG so I try to avoid that kit.
]Avoid restarting or force-quitting the app if you can help it. Sometimes it seems to freeze when in fact, it’s just catching up. When it goes into this state, I usually move over to another task such as putting the chords and lyrics together in Word or working in my DAW. When the BBM bounces in the Dock, I know it’s ready for more work.

Thank you very much, Now it seems to work much faster!!!

Since we’re here…I know it’s off the topic, but nobody’s answering on the other post…

I often stumble across kits that I just can’t find…like (last but not least) Tequila Bass, and many others…
They are not in the premium kits to buy, nor in the forum resources…
Any clue?

Thank you for the help!

This appears to be something that Phil (non-Phil Flood) posted. He probably cleared out his Dropbox to make more space. Let’s see if he’ll post it again. Hey, @Phil can you repost Tequila and the drum kit with sax?

Usually if a a kit “404’s” when clicking on the Dropbox link, it probably means the user has removed access to the file or deleted it from the Dropbox. Send them a PM and ask them to make it available again.

Thank you, hope Phil does post it again!