Beat Buddy Manager Software is really clunky, slow, and takes a lot of processing power?

Is it just me?
I LOVE the BB and AEROS and use them everyday. I am at the point where I want to edit, create and organize beats for gigs but the software is really tiresome to use and the midi editing is very limited. I do export the midi out and edit in DAW but I’d like to see better MIDI editing capabilities within the BB Manager.
All in all, I am a very big supporter of this company and the products. GAMECHANGER really!

Hey there,

BBM is a long known problem-child, we are aware it needs major reworking. We have plans to make a BBM 2.0, more news on this soon.

Thank you for your feedback, and we hope we can help you and others realize the BB’s full potential with more ease!

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Yes. And BBM is like “Inception” on steroids as far as sub-folder depths is concerned. In fact they’re so deep a Windows search wont be able to find the file your looking for. That said, I love my BBM.

Any date on when it will be released?

I do not have any more information at this time, thank you for you patience, more news soon!

Some of us have been waiting since we first supported the Indigogo campaign. The implementation has been so bad that mine still sits on a shelf after all these years.

Sorry yours is still on the shelf. Boils down to 3 options, I guess:

  1. Wait for the latest and greatest which probably still won’t match the capabilities of the existing product until they get those added.
  2. Adapt to the idiosyncrasies of the existing release as many of us have had to do. Not optimal, but it works. If you’re a Mac user and need some help to learn how I’ve adapted, feel free to PM me.
  3. Sell it and find something more suitable.

Just to clarify,

This is not a fair statement, the only part of the BBM not planned as initial implementation in 2.0.0 is the midi editor and in fact 2.0 is planned to have some greater control in drum sets editing. That just means Midi editor is last to be added to app and the app will be available before the feature is finished if things go as planned.

We understand some users utilize the editor in the BBM but there are many other options for MIDI editing, and so we see it as the least crucial part of the app.

I don’t have more information right now, but to reiterate, our first delivery of 2.0 will have all of 1.0 functions minus midi editor.

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I have both the Beat Buddy and the Additional Foot-switch, how much you think I can unload it off via Craigslist? I think I have the boxes too. Oh, and I’m ok with taking a loss.

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This is exactly why SS should add a “beat creation” mode on the BB so users can just make simple beats a la SDRUM without going through BBM…