Beat Buddy Manager software "unexpectedly quits" every time I try to import purchased kit or songs

Mac OSX 10.8.2

  • downloaded the world fusion beats, the beat essentials, and the world music kit
  • pbf and drm files are unzipped on the desktop
  • followed instructions to import the kit or the songs into the manager program
  • as soon as I click the file to import, the program quits with “unexpectedly quit” message
  • rebooting and restarting - same problem

Probably because BBM works best with ≥10.9.5.

Check you forum inbox, please.

updated Mac OS and the problem disappeared. Thank You!!

Good to hear. Thanks for letting me know.

having the same problem. I’m on OS 10.8.5 Updating the OS is going to release a xxxx storm of Pro Tools related issues…. any work around?

'Fraid not.